My partner Amanda Raad and I were delighted to partner with three partners at EY—Katharina Weghmann, Maryam Hussain and Melissa Myatt—who focus on behavioural science and decision-making in the corporate context for part two of a three part discussion in our podcast series Culture and Compliance Chronicles. The series explores developments and live issues in relation to culture and risk management in times of crisis, as organisations and regulators consider new and innovative ways to approach these.

In part one of the discussion, the group considered what the research says about the drivers of firm culture, how companies and individuals make decisions, and how they’re seeing this play out as companies grapple with the global pandemic. We also touch on how regulators are responding to the current environment.

In part two, the conversation shifts to how companies can actually define and measure culture. The group explores innovative approaches that go beyond the usual employee surveys. They also discuss why now is a particularly unique moment for companies to study their cultures, and how focusing on particular aspects of culture can make the inquiry less overwhelming and more fruitful.